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The value of education in the eyes of Islam

The value of education in the eyes of Islam

Islam places a great importance on education and views it as a fundamental right for all Muslims. The Quran emphasizes the value of acquiring knowledge and understanding, and several Hadiths (sayings of Prophet Muhammad) exhort Muslims to pursue learning and personal development. 

Muslims hold that education is essential for both individual growth and development and for society as a whole. Furthermore, learning is regarded as a kind of worship and a method to come closer to God.

According to Islam, all Muslims, regardless of gender, are expected to pursue knowledge. This stems from the fact that the Quran and Hadiths exhort Muslims to pursue knowledge and enlightenment in several verses. 

The Quran asks, "Say, are those who know equal to those who do not know?" as an example. (39:9), and the Prophet Muhammad is claimed to have declared, "Every Muslim has an obligation to seek knowledge." Both men and women are subject to this emphasis on education and learning, which is seen as a key part of Islamic culture and history.

What is the Islamic position on education?

Islam values education highly and exhorts its adherents to continue learning throughout their lives. In Islam, seeking knowledge is regarded as both a religious obligation and a form of devotion. Muslims are encouraged to learn about both secular and religious topics, and education is seen as a way to advance oneself and one's community. The Quranic verse "Seek wisdom from the cradle to the grave" underlines the value of continuing one's education and learning throughout one's lifetime.

What is the Quran's position on the value of education? 

The necessity of education and the pursuit of knowledge are strongly emphasized throughout the Quran. The following verses have to do with education:

"And ask your Lord to give you more understanding." (Quran 20:114)

Whoever pursues a religion other than Islam will never have it accepted of him, and he will be among the losers in the Hereafter. (Quran 3:85)

"My Lord, I seek shelter in you from the whispering [of Satan] and I seek refuge in you, my Lord, from the abrupt [coming of] evil," you should say. (Quran 41:36)

And while they were before in blatant error, He is the one who sent a messenger among the unlearned to teach them the book and knowledge while reciting to them His words and cleansing them. (Quran 62:2)

These lyrics demonstrate that education is valued as a tool to broaden one's knowledge and insight, as well as a way to cleanse oneself and ward off the devil's whispering. Additionally, it stresses that education includes both secular and religious themes and is not only confined to those.

The value of education in the eyes of Islam

To seek data is obligatory on each Muslim, Male or feminine.

Per this hadith we have a tendency to came to understand that education is associate indivisible half for each Muslim, and it paints out that feminine has additionally right to urge data however it mustn't be co education.

However it's terribly bereaved matter that slim minded person assume that education has no nice position within the Muslim read purpose this is often why they need no profound Muslim data, as a matter of truth no spiritual gave such position for education as Islam shut the Holy Koran says in surah Al Zumar (Ayah 9)

say area unit those equal United Nations agency those that people who} grasp and people who don't grasp ? It's people who area unit blessed understanding that receive admonition.
On associate alternative occasion Koran states Surah Al Baqarah domestic 269 reveals : He granted knowledge to whom he was pleasant however none can receive admonition, however man of understanding. 

Education rates among the best issues of Muslim within the world. We must always learn from others compliant with the words of the prophet(Sallallahu Alaihe Wasallam) request data though it's found in a very place as distant as china. The role of education has been central in Muslim principle from the start.

Within the past days many countries past data was an invaluable acquisition. Students accustomed travel so much and wide in search  to satisfy students WHO had deep data as critical studious knowledge. 

Student cosmopolitan many miles, sometimes, simply to go to take permission and stick with learned men WHO had imbibed data not solely through books however additionally through alternative academics. That they had lived data rather than simply nonheritable data. It had been depended on personal decoration with lightweight and skill.

Student needed years of study below many completely different academics in terribly troublesome condition. They usually accustomed get data from hand to mouth above all place. This data was that they have known as "Rivayat" as a sequel of their years of struggle, traveling from place to position in search of authentic sources {of data|of data|of information} in order that they got knowledge through this fashion.

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) says. Whom sever Allah desires well. He provides him spiritual data.

People who went in search of information. Allah makes straightforward parodies method for him.

Once some folks gather along within the house of Allah to browse. Allah's book discussing any matter at that point. Angels cowl them and revel peach on them.

Angel unfold their feathers for college students and each factor that is between earth and sky pray for his or her salvation. Even fish additionally in stream.

This hadith proves the superb of non-secular data on the opposite hand. This hadith teaches America to require care of our youngsters and to coach them.

Education and coaching should not be confined to any explicit space or subject. If kids area unit given trendy education.

Muslim teaching should even be in calculated them taking precedence over alternative sources of information. If they're sent to high school, faculty for study they must even be much trained to touch Muslim teaching. As an example they must be educated the perspective of life having meal talking and behaving others. 

They have to be impressed to stay with principle and discipline and to steer a clean life. They additionally need to be schooled, the way to keep the promiscuous state of affairs and quick growing obscenity in society.

to stay patience and difficulties for the sake of information. There's additionally rule within the sight of Islam so much people who get data. They must keep them salve to place up with each haircut in task and will be engaged in it day and night and to lerati journey drawback additionally. 

Because the metropolis state regarding the journey of prophet liliopsid genus (Alaihe Wasallam) in surah kahaf, ayah 60, see Mases same to his attendant "I won't hand over Instill I reach the junction of the 2 seas, or I pay years and years in travel.

Syed Muhammad Naqeeb Al-Attas described the Islamic objective of education as the balanced development of the whole personality by training the soul, intellect, rational self, feelings and physical senses so as to instill faith in the whole personality.

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